Oct 17, 2008

Press clipping that appeared in the Hindu this morning

Excerpt from the article written by Jaya Narayanan in the Friday Review , Trivandrum Edition

Trichur Brothers, Sreekrishna and Ramkumar Mohan have become regulars at Navaratri concerts in Kerala.

Their hearty performance took off with Bhairavi varnam and ‘Mahaganapathe’(Gowla- Mishra Chapu-Dikshitar). The brothers chose Abhogi (Sabhapathi) as the second raga and delighted the audience with their musical sparring. ‘Gangeyavasana’(Hameerkalyani-Adi-SwathiTirunal) and ‘Ranganayakam’ (Nayaki-Adi-Dikshitar) were rare treats. An assortment of Ranjini, Janaranjini, Megharanjini and Sreeranjini came as a pleasant surprise.

Their main raga, Mohanam was a tribute to their maturity as well as sheer talent. The alapanam was full of promise and the delivery of the kriti did not disappoint. Even in the lower register, their singing was powerful and Sreekrishna rendered a brilliant burst of manodharma swaras. ‘Nanupalimpa,’ the well-known Tyagaraja composition was sung with devotion.

Complementing each other with perfect harmony, the brothers kept up the audience interest with alternate slow and fast-paced songs. Their father, Trichur Mohan played the mridangam, accompanied by Udupi Sridhar on the ghatam and Trikkakara Y.N. Santharam on the ganjira.

The promising youngster, Viju.S. Anand was the violinist.