Jan 25, 2011

SathGuru Thayagaraja Swami


Jai Shri SathGuru Thyagaraja Swami. Jai Sitaram.

I just wrote on Facebook about the great Thyagaraja Aradhana Celebrations that are being conducted all over. As a child, I remember listening to Swamigal's compositions rendered by different Artistes. And everytime, I knew, it was a Thyagaraja Swami Krithi, without being told. I am sure many of us have experienced this. There is something extremely divine and comforting about His compositions. And all His krithis touch a nerve, deep within, and has that unmistakable touch of the Saint communicating His Ananda and Rama Bhakthi. Our family deity is Shri Rama and Thyagaraja Krithis were hummed by everybody in the family in between their daily chores. I still remember our Chithappa in the next house use to play "Kshirasagara", almost everyday in full volume. And we as kids use to wait for that line, "Tharaka Nama, Thyagarajarchitha", and our day was made. I always beleive that if you can impress kids with your creativity or talent, then there is Divinity there. Kids seldom analyse, they take into heart whatever they are fed with. And lucky are those kids who are fed with Thyagaraja Krithis, because, they are then being initiated into the Highest Truth through the easiest path. Blessed are all of us who can sing and hear and enjoy His Krithis.
The fact that He has touched our hearts with His simplicity and Music that sprang from HIS Anubhuthi is clearly displayed at the Love and Energy with which His Aradhana celebrations are celebrated all over the country and even abroad. His Krithis are the easiest Marga for Mukthi and the easiest way to be in touch with our rich culture. Let us all pray that He blesses us with Rama Bhakthi and Sangeetha Jnanam.

Jai Sitaram.