Dec 23, 2008

Review that appeared in Hindu this morning.

Clear diction, amazing precision

Their intelligence in fascinating the listeners were evident in Trichur Brothers’ recital.
ENTHUSIASTIC and SINCERE: Trichur Brothers
It is, indeed, gratifying to note that the younger artists of today are emerging into competent performers. Trichur Brothers, Srikrishna Mohan and Ramkumar Mohan, are on the wings to take off with several favourable aspects on their side like youth, strong vocal power coupled with clarity in delivery, pleasant stage presence and good foundation. The duo’s Tamizh Isai was well planned and accomplished. The ragas chosen, the compositions identified and the layout o f the programme proved their diligence and intelligence in fascinating the listener.
Sriranjani and ‘Gaja Vadana’ of Papanasam Sivan set the concert on the right note of spirit and speed. A notably Hindustani accented Hindolam alapana gave a relaxed feel that was followed by equally serene ‘Ma Ramanan’ (Sivan). Purvikalyani was launched on the upper registers which later encompassed the other regions in an enchanting way. Can there be a better option for them here than ‘Aananda Nadamaduvar’ by Neelakanta Sivan? The kalpanaswaras were bouncy with contributions from Usha Rajagopalan on the violin, Trichur Mohan on mridangam and D.V. Venkatasubramaniam on the ghatam. The raga expositions alternatively offered by Srikrishna and Ramkumar are always zealous. The output demonstrates their affection in complementing each other musically. The main piece Thodi was imposingly handled and here the choice once again went in favour of Sivan. ‘Karithikeya Kangeya’ and a comprehensive niraval which was developed at ‘Malmaruga Shanmuaga Muruga Guha.’ The swara sallies were dynamic and competitive. Passion packed Ritigowla in ‘Guruvayoor Appane’ (Ambujam Krishna), joyous Suddhasaveri through ‘Thaye Tripurasundari’ (Thooran), soft and lingering Devagandhari with ‘Enneramum’ (Gopalakrishana Bharati), piety Ragamalika viruttam followed by ‘Srichakra Raja’ were part of the package that concluded with the Hamsanandi tongue twisting Thiruppugazh. Usha Rajagopalan’s participation is encouraging and impeccable. Trichur Mohan kept a low profile but was fire and brimstone during thani with Venkatasubramaniam. (Link to the review)