Jul 16, 2009

AIR Concert Live

Just to inform that there is a live broadcast of our concert in AIR FM Gold at 3pm tomorrow. Be sure to listen.

Trichur Brothers.


Srini said...

Hi Srikrishna / Ram,

Greetings! I am Srinivasan one of the rasikas and aspirant to be a carnatic musicians. I am currently learning vocal from one of the greatest Duo's like you. This is to share that you guys are ROCKING... To be honest I started following practising Sarali Varisai's and JANDAI Varasai daily, the way you rendered during the VASANTH TV show. Also, I am lucky to listen to AIR Telecast. You both have ADMIRING voice and great future ahead. You both have inspired me a Lot.


Trichur brothers said...

Thanks Srini, nice talking to you the other day. Keep in touch.

Mom15 said...

You guys are great! I love your renditions....very melodious.

Trichur brothers said...

Thanks Mom15

Rama said...

You both are wonderful. Divine indeed!!

By the way, does anyone have the recording of this program? If so, would they be kind enough to share?

Regards, Best Wishes and God Bless

Trichur brothers said...

Thanks Rama. We have a recording which i can pass on.