Dec 3, 2009

"Musically Yours" , maiden album from Yours Musically!!!

Hello, Hi, Namasthe!!

FINALLY we are out with our first official album, "Musically Yours", and we are planning to release it sometime during the season. We have rendered ten krithis in this album and the list includes :

1. Mathey : Varnam in Khamas
2. Mahaganapathe: Natanarayani
3. Amba Kamakshi: Bhairavi
4. Bho Shambho: Revathi
5. Raghuvamsasusdha: Kadanakudoohalam
6. Nannuvidachi: Reethi goula
7. Ramanai Bhajithal: Maandu
8. Pibhare Ramarasam: Aahir Bhairav
9. Thillana:  Behag
10. Vande Mataram: Desh followed by Mangala Slokam.

The accompanying artistes are:
Violin: Idappally Ajith Kumar
Mridangam : Trichur R Mohan
Ghatam: D.V. Venkatasubramaniam
Ganjira: Thrikkakara YN Shantharam.

We would like to thank our parents, Gurus, Uma (my wife), the accompanying artistes and all our well wishers amongst relatives and friends, who inspired us to come out with this first attempt. Also a special thanks to Mahallakshmi, who single handedly photographed and  designed the cover page (Pic attached in this posting). We gave her a very short notice and yet she worked admirably to get it out this quick. Will announce the release date in the blog ASAP.

Yours Musically,
Srikrishna Mohan (For Trichur Brothers)


Anonymous said...

Dear Shri / Ram,

Thanks for sharing the information about "Musically Yours". Will buy ASAP. My Best Wishes to both of you for the season Ahead.


Srini said...

Hi Shri/Ram,


Good to see your interview on Times of India.

you guys ROCKING!


Trichur brothers said...

hey thanks a lot. hope to meet you one of these days.

எஸ்.கே said...


I was lucky to listen to your concert at Mylapore Fine Arts this AN.

Your treatment of Shanmugapriya was something out of this world! It was way different from the run of the mill stuff that I get to hear all the time. I was wondering how you both are able to produce such musically pleasant but unorthodox sound bytes with such perfection and sruthi unison!

And the successful effort of the junior to touch the thara sthayee satjam was an eye opener. I have heard many an young vidwan trying this but fail either short of reaching that swarathanam (lying flat, so to speak :), or cracking his/her voice in the process. But yours was so effortlessly done with attendant fidelity.

And your concert planning was perfect.

Ah, come to think of it, the kalpana swarams in MayamalavaGowla were very energetic. I liked it much!

I have marked your concert dates on my calender and try not to miss any.

God bless you both!



எஸ்.கே said...


I meant "athi tharasthayee satjam" - or somewhere in between!

Hope I have made my point clear!


Trichur brothers said...

Thanks SK.

Raviprasad said...

Dear Shrikrishna/SriRam,

Impressed with your vocals yesterday at kasaragod on 28/2/10.simply divine singing.just keep up the spirit of carnatic music alive. God bless.