Aug 4, 2010

Shri Thyagaraja Jayanthi Festival at Trichur


On behalf of our academy and on behalf of our dad, Shri Trichur R Mohan, i would like to inform and invite you for the Thyagaraja Jayanthi festival at Trichur that will be held from the 6th, 7th and 8th of August. The venue is Neeranjali Hall in the vicinity of the famous Trichur Round.

We have some popular artistes participating. The inaugaral concert is by the Rudrapatnam Brothers and we have Shri TN Seshagopalan, Shri Kadri Gopalnath, Ganesh Kumaresh and Sankaran Namboothiri for the rest of the days. Up and coming artistes will also grace the occassion. Students and devotees will also be given opportunities to express their devotion to Sadguru Thyagaraja Swami by rendering His immortal krithis.

A new venture we have attempted in this year's festival is to involve youngsters to participate, by inviting leading educational establishments to be part of the function. We have introduced a Quiz competition on the Life and Works of  Thyagaraja Swami, and students from leading schools in Trichur are participating in this. This will be held on Sunday.

On Sunday morning we will have an Unchavrutti that will begin at 6.30AM followed by Pancharathnam rendition at the Auditorium. The festival will conclude with Shri Anjaneya Uthsavam.

I once again invite all of you to be there and enjoy the bliss of Sathguruji's bhakthi that sprang out as the legendary musical compositions that we are accustomed to.  Lets all try and make it as spiritual and colorful as possible (Kriya Kalabha Bhakthi as they say).

Jai Sitaram.
Trichur Brothers

PS: Please mail me in case you want a brochure of the events.

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