Mar 19, 2010

Video clipping of Concert at Karkala, near Manglore

Namaskaram everybody,

I am pasting the youtube link of our concert at Karkala. the place was one of its kind in the sense, that the entire venue was lit with mud lamps, with a pond in the centre. Have a look. The entire concert DVD must be available next month.

Musically Yours,
Srikrishna Mohan.


Anitha D said...

Nice video...I have been following your clips recently, and you both sound awesome! Your coordination and technique is amazing! Keep up the great work, hope you can come for Katcheris in other cities on your next U.S. tour! :)

Trichur brothers said...

thanks anitha, it is all our parents' and Gurus' blessings. definitely looking forward to perform in more cities next time around.