Mar 29, 2010

One more video made available

Hi all,

the above link ivideo leads you to a video upload on youtube. this is again a piece from our karkala concert.

Nama Sivaya.


Anonymous said...


I was at your IFAASD concert in San Diego. If possible please post your Raag Jog RTP clips.


Trichur brothers said...


will do that as soon as it is available.

Best regards

Shreedara said...


I not only had the privilege to listen to your excellent concert @ SD but to also photograph and dialog wih you & your father. I hope you will SD again and visit my home w Lakshman & family. My regards to your father and convey that he calls on my uncle next time you are in Trichur.

Thanks for the Guruvayoorappa song at the finale of your concert in SD.


Shreedara said...

Here are pictures of your concert in San Diego

Trichur brothers said...

Hi Shreedhara,

Really kind of you to post the snaps. You have taken a lot of effort to capture the different moods during the concert and we really enjoyed seeing them. Thanks again.