Apr 7, 2010

Update Time

Hello all,

Time to update. We are having a great time here at Cleveland. So far we performed  at San Diego for the Indian Fine Arts Society and we had our concert at Cleveland for the Aradhana day before yesterday. We are scheduled to leave for Toronto on the 11th, provided we get our visas. Meanwhile lot of organisations want us to perform at Chicago, NewYork, Philadelphia, Bay Area etc. However, this seems to be difficult, given the short notice and also because we cannot extend our tour.

Its really been a nice experience over the past few days to mingle with artistes, share views, opinions, and of course listen to some wise cracks. However, all of us are already missing India very badly. Will be back home at the earliest.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

When and where are you performing in toronto?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your concert in Cleveland! I hope that Ramkumar is feeling much better. All the best for your concert in Toronto :)

Raghu Rao said...

Sri Krishna and Ramkumar
Thanks for a wonderful concert in Cleveland. Your Rocket speed rendering of Hamsanadam followed by the leisurely pace of Gowlai was amazing. Awesome. Your Gurubhakthi towards the great Shri Purandara dasa, Shri Thyagaraja and of course to your dad was really touching. A very complete concert. Wish you all the very best in your music career and life.
Raghu Rao, Detroit, Michigan.